and what do you know about love letters?

I seem to write love letters for a living.


Growing up, I always knew that I would write. But, as adulthood loomed, I realized the fairytales I dreamed up with a black Pilot G-2 pen and plain old composition notebook would need to transform into flavorless bites of cold, hard news.


Yes, I needed to become a journalist. Because I could make so much more money doing that than playing make believe.


But what does the news have to do with love letters, anyway? More often than not, what we have to report is sad. Heartbreaking, even. Writing – as a journalist, novelist, poet or in any other form – is about opening my heart to the pain and hope of every person.


And then telling that story.


I am a political reporter at The Villages Daily Sun. Before I moved to Florida, I worked as a community reporter for The Cranberry Eagle after graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania's journalism and public relations department.

As The Daily Sun's political reporter, I have covered local representatives, legislative sessions, U.S. congress members, governors and the president. I have also worked beyond my beat and produced investigative reporting on rural poverty, reported on hurricanes and localized a global pandemic – and I've written about a dog wedding or two. I tell any and all stories for my community.


I take as many opportunities as are available to stretch beyond my usual pieces and abilities. When I'm not working, I'm writing fictional short stories, educating myself about the historical context of world events and politics or preparing a speech for my next Toastmasters meeting. 

Explore my page to get a better idea of what I can do.

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